Econocom PSF in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg automates the multi-platform deployment of the OLYMPIC Banking System

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The Customer

The Econocom Group, premier European digital services company, operates a full range of digital business – equipment, services and financing – to facilitate digital transformation for its customers. The company is present in 16 countries with nearly 8,750 employees.

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The OLYMPIC Banking System is well-established with many satisfied customers in the banking sector, making OASIS a strategic offering for Econocom PSF.
For multi-platform OLYMPIC, Econocom PSF receives packages from vendor ERI Bancaire on both IBM i and web. Econocom PSF then distributes this software to each customer according to their own specific infrastructure. Although all customers use the same OLYMPIC software, each deployment is adapted to the customer’s specific needs.


To meet all these requirements, Econocom PSF opted for the ARCAD for DevOps solution for its ease of use and secure multi platform, multi-infrastructure deployment.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: Econocom PSF
  • Industry: Digital company
  • Challenge: One the of key services proposed by Econocom PSF in the banking sector is “OASIS by Econocom” (“OLYMPIC Applications Suite In Service”), automating a wide range of banking activities using the OLYMPIC Banking System. OLYMPIC was developed on IBM i by ERI Bancaire and is used by more than 400 banks in 60 countries.
  • Solutions: ARCAD for DevOps
ARCAD’s major advantage is that the tooling can respond to customer update requests easily and in the shortest possible time.”
Christophe Loizeau, OASIS Business Unit Manager, Econocom PSF