Modernize IBM i or migrate? CAVAMAC relies on ‘Application Healthcheck’ audit from HARDIS Group and ARCAD Software to clarify their technology strategy

Case Study CAVAMAC

The Customer

CAVAMAC manages three schemes dedicated to the social protection of general insurance agents: their basic pension, supplementary pension and disability-death insurance. CAVAMAC is one of the ten professional sections of the National Pension Allowance Fund for the Liberal Professions (CNAVPL).



15 years ago, following a public tender, CAVAMAC called on an external IT services company to redevelop a custom application, using RPG for the back office and Java for the front-end. CAVAMAC’s internal IT team then took over to enhance the application and adapt it to external requirements as well as to internal needs of administrators and the business lines. All application enhancements were managed using the ARCAD for DevOps solution for IBM i from ARCAD Software.


As presented to CAVAMAC management and administrators, the ARCAD-HARDIS ‘Application Healthcheck’ audit delivered quantitative and qualitative insights into the long-term viability of application assets, enabling objective decisionmaking in a short timeframe.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: CAVAMAC
  • Industry: Social Protection
  • Challenge: The extent of application changes needed led CAVAMAC, in 2020, to question long-term durability of the application, both on a technical level and also in terms of the specific IBM i skills required to maintain the source code into the future.
  • Solutions:
    IBM i Application Healthcheck
This audit gave us a means of objectively evaluating the quality of our legacy application. Using industry-standard metrics, we were able to confirm that RPG programs and development processes on IBM i exceeded objectives in terms of code quality and security, traceability and segregation of duties.”
Maryse Gauthier, Head of IT department at CAVAMAC