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WHITE PAPER Why Git on IBM i and how to get there?

Why Git on IBM i and how to get there

Maximizing IBM i Development Efficiency with Git Integration

Git is de facto standard for version control and likely already in use within your organization outside the IBM i. Git tracks all changes made to your application, so you have a full record of changes and who made them. Its lightweight branching mechanism and merge features make concurrent development fast and efficient. Simply put, Git has become a key competitive advantage for IBM i organizations as they adopt DevOps and look to onboard new developers to the platform.

In this guide we will explore the advantages of Git over and above traditional IBM i tools, the steps needed to implement Git successfully.

  • Whichever way you decide to use Git, the methods allow you to deliver application updates to your cycle quicker which means your changes can be tested, and code reviewed without holding up other development streams.
  • Utilizing Git for your IBM i development brings integration with other modern tools such as Jira , GitHub, GitLab and others which are already integrated into the DevOps chains.
  • Working with Git allows your development cycle to reflect your Agile workstreams more closely.

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