Application Release Orchestration Solution

Application Release Orchestration (ARO)

Deploy software rapidly and reliably

Release visibility and control for the entire team: business, development, operations…

Transfers to production increasingly involve complex steps

Multiple development languages and numerous dependencies add complexity to the task of application deployment. Most shops deploy through test and validation environments prior to production, in line with regulations in force. Several environments can be maintained in parallel to cater for specific user requirements. Business adds an extra pressure to provide new application functions continuously. This all creates a cocktail of challenges for IT and an increased need for automation and tooling.

Many larger enterprises have multiple development groups working on different functions in parallel and therefore the release management effort must be carefully coordinated. Transfers to production must always be rapid, reliable and repeatable no matter how complex the environment or high the pressure. The entire team needs visibility and control over deployment processes to ensure that delivery deadlines are met with a minimum risk of error.

Automated, rapid, reliable and repeatable application deployment

DevOps means delivering software updates continuously in smaller increments, with better collaboration between development and operations. The payback is faster delivery of more reliable software at lower cost. But to achieve and sustain these goals, you need automated, repeatable processes with visibility and control for the entire team – the business side, development and operations.

Application Release Orchestration (ARO) solutions meet this need. ARO spans the entire process of packaging and deploying an application or update through the DevOps pipeline, from development through various environments and ultimately to production.

Need to deploy your applications rapidly and securely?

Automate the process with DROPS!

  • Deploy applications automatically and securely
  • Guarantee integrity of software artifacts deployed
  • Manage dependencies between applications, releases, environments
  • Tailor your deployment workflow and roles to fit your team and workload
  • Maintain a complete audit trail
  • Flexible release modelling and coordination
  • Monitor release status and progress
  • Initiate regression testing where needed
  • Rollback on error
  • Deploy high-volume data (24/7 environments) with minimum downtime
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