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Summit Lunch & Learn Series 2023 – System i Developer Event

Get ready for your most productive lunches of 2023 with Lunch & Learn Summit organized by System i Developer! Join the free online sessions focused on the latest IBM i enhancements and development tools.

Don’t miss our 75-minutes technical discussion focused on VS Code and IBM i on the Thursday, March 30th from 1:00 to 2:15 PM EDT!

VS Code for RPGers

with Jon Paris & Susan Gantner

Looking to ditch the green-screen for editing your code? You’ve likely heard of RDi and more recently Merlin. If those are beyond your budget, there’s a free open source tool that you may find intriguing.

Code for IBM i is an open source extension to VS Code – probably the most popular IDE out there. With Code for IBM i, VS Code now understands things like libraries, objects and members and languages like RPG, COBOL and CL.

In this session you’ll see how simple it is to make the transition from green screen to a powerful, expandable and more productive free alternative.

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VS Code and IBM i – Git Makes it Work

with Andrew Clark & Jeff Tickner

The IBM i development environment is changing with exciting new tools. Join us to see VS Code as an editor of native IBM i code and learn about the extensions that make this possible. We’ll discuss and demonstrate key features now available and what’s coming:

  • Arcad’s integration with VS Code to expose the metadata that allows Developers to see the impact of their changes before they even start.
  • How Git allows Developers to work synchronously and efficiently with other Developers using tools like SEU or RDi.
  • And – the most exciting part – how non-IBM i Developers can now contribute directly to IBM i projects without having to know the “unique” details of the IBM i, while at the same time ensuring efficient oversight of their changes.

It’s a brave new world. Arcad can help you on the journey!

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Our speakers :

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark

DevOps Manager, ARCAD Software

Andrew Clark has been working on the IBM i platform for more than 30 years, beginning with the “secret Mankato Project” on a pre-release version of os/400, and an internship at IBM Rochester working on the Query team. He has development expertise in more than a dozen languages on multiple platforms, as well as a background in green-screen, Windows, mobile and web development. His major responsibilities included coordinating developers from four different offices in three different continents while still maintaining Architect responsibilities. He is proficient at everything DB/SQL on IBM i, and has extensive experience in the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Jeff Tickner

Jeff Tickner

CTO, ARCAD Software

Jeff Tickner is CTO, North America for ARCAD Software. He has worked in the Application Lifecyle Management sector on the IBM i for 22 years. He leads client engagements in product implementation and training, including ARCAD for DevOps, ARCAD Transformer for application modernization, and ARCAD Verifier test automation. Jeff lends his expertise in the DevTestOps field as frequent speaker at conferences around the world.