Annecy, France – February 13, 2019 – ARCAD Software announces today its participation in HEXATRUST, the alliance founded by the French leaders of cloud computing and cybersecurity to promote and build trust in Cloud and Cyber excellence.

The HEXATRUST alliance is made up of more than 50 companies, all expert and complementary in the areas of information systems security, cybersecurity and digital trust.

HEXATRUST addresses the key challenges and needs of public and private organizations in three key areas:

  • Regulatory compliance: RGPD, eiDAS, NIS, LPM …
  • Protection against cyber threats
  • Support for major digital transformation projects

Now with the participation of ARCAD Software, the HEXATRUST cluster strengthens its structure with solutions for secure Application Release Orchestration (ARO) and Data Masking.

With over 25 years of experience in Application Lifecycle Management, ARCAD Software covers all industry and technology sectors offering an integrated and modular solution range that combines Application Modernization, DevOps and Data Masking.

Antoine Gronier, Executive Director of the HEXATRUST group, outlined the strategy underlying the partnership:

 “The goal of HEXATRUST is to provide the market with a one-stop-shop for European cloud computing, digital trust and cybersecurity solutions. The integration of ARCAD SOFTWARE within the group portfolio allows us to complete a sovereign value chain and, further, promote a necessary reflex in the DevOps movement, that of “security by design”. Indeed, data leak prevention through application security is an issue of increasing technological independence since our digital tools of today and tomorrow will have to rely, both ethically and legally, on a development process in respect of personal data but also integrity of the information systems“.

ARCAD’s unique value proposition is the ability to provide secure application deployment on any target platform – Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBM i, z/OS – and a common shared pipeline for synchronized software delivery and rollback on error, guaranteeing end-to-end transparency and audit trail across all target platforms.  Further, ARCAD introduces data masking into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) with its DBMS-agnostic solution, DOT-Anonymizer, easy to install and configure to local anonymization rules.

Frédéric Arneodo, Vice-President – Europe Middle East and Africa at ARCAD Software, highlights the criticality of data anonymization in software development organizations today :

« Today, in the era of GDPR, statistics would tell us that the average cost of a data breach is $3.8M, and that 78% of data leaks originate from an internal source.  When you consider that most IT organizations perform their tests on data that is directly extracted from production, it is easy to see the importance of masking any sensitive fields in test data, irreversibly, before they reach any unauthorized personnel.».

DOT-Anonymizer from ARCAD is a high-performance, DBMS-agnostic solution to discover and anonymize personal data, as part of the software delivery process.  The solution preserves data format and type, ensuring the ongoing usability of the anonymized data.

« The guaranteed integrity of anonymized data makes DOT-Anonymizer an ideal solution in software development organizations seeking to eliminate the risk of a data leak and comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.  We are excited to contribute to the Hexatrust alliance by securing both the reliability and privacy of the software development process across any platform, open and legacy », added Arneodo.


 The HEXATRUST Group was created in order to offer a range of products and services that are efficient, coherent and complete in Cybersecurity, Security of Information Systems and Digital Trust.
This alliance meets the needs of companies, administrations and public and private organizations of all sizes, anxious to benefit from innovative, trustworthy offers covering all of their IT security needs.
HEXATRUST members, with a strong presence in the European market, also aim to accelerate their international development by sharing their experience, networks and means of access to global markets.
HEXATRUST acts in close cooperation with professional organizations, user groups and stakeholders institutions working to strengthen the Cybersecurity and Digital Trust sector, by supporting the development of SMEs of innovation and growth, future champions of the security of information systems.

About ARCAD Software

 ARCAD Software group is leading international vendor of DevOps, Modernization and Data Anonymization solutions, supporting multiple platforms including IBM i, UNIX, Linux, Windows and z/OS.  Since 1992, ARCAD has built on its specialist expertise to develop an integrated and multi-platform solution range for Application Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Modernization, Release Management, DevOps, Test Automation and Data Masking.

The company operates through headquarters in Europe and subsidiaries in US and Asia.  ARCAD solutions integrate with GitHub, JIRA, Rational Developer pour i (RDi), Rational Team Concert (RTC), and also open source tools Git, SVN, and Jenkins.

DROPS, ARCAD’s Application Release Orchestration (ARO) solution, is entirely multi-platform, spanning both open and legacy systems such as IBM i and z/OS.  DROPS integrates with external tooling such as IBM UrbanCode Deploy, Docker, Ansible, Chef and Puppet.

DOT-Anonymizer from ARCAD is a high-performance data masking solution, highly scalable and compatible with all DBMS.

Press contact :  Olenka Van Schendel – Marketing Director –

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