Taking a Practical Phased Approach to DevOps

A DevOps roll-out is unique for each IBM i shop depending on objectives, current change management, and DevOps expertise.  The journey can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Join in to hear more about:

  • Identifying and assessing desired changes over the current change management process
    Learn effective strategies for evaluating and understanding necessary changes within your current change management process.
  • Defining a path and setting realistic goals and timelines to ensure your success
    Craft a clear roadmap for your DevOps journey by defining a strategic path and establishing achievable goals.
  • Minimizing risk during migration and implementation
    Explore strategies for mitigating risks associated with DevOps migration and implementation.
  • Best practice approach to implement Git for the IBM i Developer
    Delve into the fundamentals of implementing Git for IBM i Developers, with tips and tricks for enhancing collaboration, version control, and development efficiency.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical insights and strategies for enhancing your DevOps journey on IBM i.

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The Presenter

Ray Bernardi ARCAD

Ray Bernardi

Senior Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Ray Bernardi is a 30-year veteran involved in the System 38/AS/400/iSeries/IBM i development and currently is a Pre/Post Sales technical Support Specialist for ARCAD Software, international ISV and IBM Business Partner.  Ray has been involved with the development and sales of many cutting edge software products throughout his career, with specialist knowledge in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products from ARCAD Software covering a broad range of functional areas including enterprise IBM i modernization and DevOps.  In addition, Ray is a frequent speaker at COMMON and many other technical conferences around the world and has authored articles in several IBM i publications on the subject of application analysis and modernization, SQL, and business intelligence.

Alan Ashley

Alan Ashley

Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Alan has been in support and promotion of the IBM i platform for over 30 years and is the Presales Consultant for DevOps on IBM i role with ARCAD Software. Prior to joining ARCAD Software, he spent many years in multiple roles within IBM from supporting customers through HA to DR to Application promotion to migrations of the IBM i to the cloud. In those roles, he saw first hand the pains many have with Application Lifecycle Management, modernization, and data protection. His passion in those areas fits right in with the ARCAD suite of products.

Jeff Tickner

Jeff Tickner

Expert Consultant, ARCAD Software

Jeff Tickner has worked in Change Management on the IBM I for 17 years at different companies. He is certified in Rational Team Concert as well has having experience with other Change Management packages from SourceSafe to Subversion. Jeff currently works for ARCAD Software, an international software company and IBM Business Partner. He provides implementation support and training for IBM I based companies rolling out Change Management solutions. He lives in NH with his wife and 2 children and enjoys hiking, skiing and old VWs and wrote his first program in High School on punch cards.