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Why is there still more RPG code running on IBM i than any other single language?

Unlike some other business-oriented languages (such as COBOL), RPG has evolved into a modern procedural language able to interact with all kinds of interfaces — including XML, remote DBs, modern devices and so on.

RPG retains a deep integration with IBM i and DB2, which makes it an incredibly efficient language for implementing data access and business processes.

What is new with Free Form RPG?

  • Free-form RPG allows code in free-form statements rather than in specific fixed columns
  • The /FREE and /END-FREE compiler directives are no longer required for free-form (but tolerated)
  • Multiple line definitions are easier to code, easier to maintain, and easier to understand
  • Defining data items with long symbol names is no longer problematic

Why use the new Free Form RPG?

  • Readability – new syntax resembles other modern languages and can be understood easily
  • Short Learning Curve – easy onboarding of new developers familiar with Java, PHP etc.
  • Productivity – ease of coding for new and existing RPG developers
  • Features – some new language functions are available only from Free Form

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