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ARCAD Transformer DB Datasheet

ARCAD Transformer DB Features

The DB2 database capability is and will continue to be the major development advantage of the IBM i platform, thanks to its well-renowned reliability, security and scalability. To take advantage of the full power of the DB2 for i engine, you will need to modernize your existing databases by migrating to a full relational model. ARCAD Transformer DB, lastest member of the ARCAD Transformer family, helps open up your application to new technologies, allowing for progressive conversion from DDS to DDL (SQL), with mass transformation and/or piece-by-piece.

Download this datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Transformer DB and discover why the conversion to SQL helps future-proof your IBM i applications.

  • Data Integrity Checking
  • Identification of any causes of data corruption
  • Automated transformation from DSS to SQL DDL

Download the Datasheet