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ARCAD Transformer Microservices Features

Many valuable business applications developed in RPG contain critical business rules that constitute a competitive advantage for the organization. To reduce risk and cost, organizations today are opting to modernize these custom-built applications, towards an n-tier architecture that combines proven DB2 logic with modern web and mobile interfaces. This requires a robust web services layer, but creating these services manually is challenging due to the complexity of the underlying code. Without automation, refactoring a complex application is time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge.

Thanks to ARCAD Transformer Microservices, developers can easily transform legacy IBM i applications into RESTful web services with minimal prior knowledge.

Download this datasheet to find out how ARCAD Transformer Microservices automates the process of helping developers extract business rules from existing IBM i applications and transform them into standard RESTful web services.

  • One single tool to transform monolithic code into reusable modules/Web services

  • Ergonomic, Easy-to-use developer friendly interface

  • Connect existing Web applications to back-end IBM i functionality

Download the Datasheet