FRS migrate their change management to ARCAD and avoid costly promotion errors

FRS Customer Success Story Cover

The Customer

For over 50 years, FRS Restaurant Equipment & Supply Company with showrooms located in Asheville, NC, North Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC and Florence, SC has always maintained a trained & dedicated staff to support the
emerging & growing food service operator. FRS has a small IT staff consisting of one full time programmer, one remote contract programmer and their hands on, Vice President and co-owner, Carl Novit, who is actively involved with the information technology side of their business.



FRS Restaurant Equipment & Supply Company had been using an IBM i-based change management product for many years.  This change management vendor has been bought and sold a couple of times.  With each acquisition, the FRS team found it “more and more difficult to do business with them.” This difficulty resulted in frustration; so when approached by a representative from ARCAD Software, FRS were willing to listen to what they had to offer in the area of source control.


Per Carl Novit, Vice President and co-owner, “the source control product we had been using, I thought, was OK until we started implementing ARCAD and then I realized how not OK it really was… Using the ARCAD promotion and rollback features saved FRS from a big mess and a financial loss the following business day.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: FRS Restaurant Equipment & Supply Co.
  • Industry: Restaurant Equipment
  • Characteristics: Small, experienced IT team based on IBM i
  • Challenge: Needed a more modern change management tool, error-free promotions, and better vendor relationship
  • Solutions: ARCAD Pack for i for application lifecycle management
The thing I really like about ARCAD, when it is all said and done, is the fact that our system is now so pristine, that you are not going to get screwy results.  When you promote a version, you have everything you need”, Carl Novit, FRS Vice President and co-owner.
Carl Novit, FRS Vice President and co-owner