IBM i DevOps TechTalk #14 Roles & Responsibilities

by the experts at ARCAD

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This TechTalk podcast discusses the importance of having control over who does what in the DevOps process through user Roles and Responsibilities. Join in to hear a great discussion with Ray Bernardi and Alan Ashley, Sr Solution Architects and guest speaker, Genyphyr Novak, Software Development Engineer, as she shares past and current experience around security, audit requirements, and how it’s addressed in ARCAD including:

  • Why restricting access is key in meeting regulation and Auditor requirements.
  • How to start planning.
  • Flexible options to control the level of security needed from out-of-the box roles to granular functionality that allows for customized roles and securable commands.
  • Internal logs and self-documenting reports for audits.

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Our Hosts

Ray Bernardi ARCAD

Ray Bernardi

Senior Consultant, ARCAD Software

Ray is a 30-year IT veteran and currently a Pre/Post Sales technical Support Specialist for ARCAD Software, international ISV and IBM Business Partner. He has been involved with the development and sales of many cutting edge software products throughout his career, with specialist knowledge in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products from ARCAD Software covering a broad range of functional areas including enterprise IBM i modernization and DevOps.

Alan Ashley

Alan Ashley

Solution Architect, ARCAD Software

Alan has been in support and promotion of the IBM i platform for over 30 years and is the Presales Consultant for DevOps on IBM i role with ARCAD Software. Prior to joining ARCAD Software, he spent many years in multiple roles within IBM from supporting customers through HA to DR to Application promotion to migrations of the IBM i to the cloud. In those roles, he saw first hand the pains many have with Application Lifecycle Management, modernization, and data protection. His passion in those areas fits right in with the ARCAD suite of products.

Genyphyr Novak

Genyphyr Novak

Software Development Engineer, ARCAD Software

Genyphyr Novak is Senior Application Developer and Product Manager at ARCAD Software. She specializes in programming and analysis on IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) using languages like SQL, RPG, and C. She has deep knowledge in DB2 databases, DevOps, security, software modernization, and ERP systems. Genyphyr is experienced in project planning, client relations, and software lifecycle management.