La Vaudoise reduces version preparation time by 2/3 and application downtime by 95% thanks to
ARCAD for DevOps on IBM i

Customer Case Study LaVaudoise

The Customer

La Vaudoise Assurances is the only independent private insurance company with a decision-making centre in Switzerland. It is one of the ten largest private insurers in the Swiss market. Founded in 1895, it provides individuals and SMEs with high-level advice and solutions in all areas of insurance and pension provision.

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Since 2006, the IBM i platform has been La Vaudoise’s main central system. It is used by more than 1,000 users daily and notably manages the issue of premiums, representing more than one billion Swiss francs per year.


In order to manage their digital transformation, La Vaudoise needed to implement a DevOps solution offering advanced functionality on IBM i:

  • Source code management in a single repository
  • Build automation
  • Automated code quality checks
  • Automated regression testing, test coverage report
  • Continuous delivery and deployment
  • Rollback in case of error
  • Automatic integrity checks

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: La Vaudoise
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Characteristics: La Vaudoise needed to optimize their IT processes in order to save time, improve quality and reliability ahead of a full-scale digital transformation project.
  • Challenge: In 2017, La Vaudoise decided to transform their software development processes in order to address the following challenges:

    • Industrialization of production releases on IBM i with proven traceability of deployments
    • Simplification of the repository into a single cross-platform solution
    • Adoption of a DevOps strategy on  IBM i
  • Solution: ARCAD for DevOps
The success of this project marks a significant optimization in our IT processes. Thanks to the improvements in time, quality and reliability, we now have the ideal conditions to concentrate our efforts and resources on our digital transformation program
Olivier WALLET, Deputy Director, Head of the Insurance Solutions Division