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Enhance reliability and maintainability of your code for lower risk and less cost!

Arcad MaaS datasheet

ARCAD Maas Features

These IBM i applications are often core to the business and difficult to replace. This is especially true with applications developed in the Synon (CA 2E) 4GL. Synon customers have become locked in an outdated technology, and skills are now extremely scarce and expensive.

Instead of risking a migration to another platform, more IBM i customers are opting to modernize their existing applications. ARCAD Software offers a complete transformation «as a service» to convert Synon CA 2E code into modern Free Form RPG and SQL, using ARCAD’s own modernization tools. Each MaaS project is a “tailor-made” modernization service based on your own specific needs.

Download the datasheet and discover the many benefits of ARCAD Modernization as a Service.

  • Conversion from Synon CA 2E to Free Form ILE RPG

  • Conversion of DDS database to DDL

  • UI Modernization – Add modern user interfaces to your IBM i application

Download the Datasheet