Sydved achieves DevOps Goals and optimizes IBM i Application Development with ARCAD Solutions

Customer Success Story - Sydved - ARCAD for DevOps

The Customer

Sydved AB trades green wood, felled timber, and stands of trees in Sweden. It also offers forestry services including mechanized thinning operations to forest owners. The company was founded in 1979 and is based in Jönköping, Sweden. Sydved is jointly owned by Stora Enso Oy and Ahlstrom-Munksjö.

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Sydved’s applications have evolved over many decades to cope with the specific nature of their business and are characterized by a large and diverse RPG code base developed on IBM i. Due to the mission-critical 24 x 7 x 365 nature of Sydved’s business and the large number of users, the “cost of failure” in the event of system downtime is particularly high, meaning zero tolerance of delays due to the “manual re-work” of application defects


In collaboration with PDB, one of Sweden’s leading IBM i consultancy companies merged with Orango, ARCAD worked with Sydved through a value stream mapping process to deliver a bespoke ARCAD solution that unlocks the value of their existing code base, and frees the bottlenecks one-by-one in the current process to deliver maximum value in the shortest possible time.

Case Study Highlights

  • Company: Sydved
  • Industry:  Forest & Paper Products
  • Characteristics: Sydved’s applications are customized for their Enterprise Resource Planning needs.
  • Challenge: The challenge ahead is to adapt to SDC’s (soon Biometria) new ERPsystem “VIOL3” which will have a massive impact on Sweden’s forestry industry. In this context and with the scale of application changes involved it is vital to have a robust DevOps framework in place.
  • Solutions: ARCAD for DevOps
With the criticality of our business and a large-scale development project coming up, we needed to deliver changes faster and avoid defects by carrying forward changes automatically on our project branch. Using ARCAD solutions we will optimize our DevOps cycle to automate all routine and errorprone tasks that have held up the development team. ARCAD is a world-class solution that helps us meet our delivery timescales, safeguards the quality of our software and minimizes the risk of application downtime.
Örjan Vorrei, CIO, Sydved