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ARCAD Observer

IBM i Application Analysis

Gain a rapid understanding of IBM i application architecture. Boost productivity and accuracy in software modernization & maintenance. ARCAD Observer combines powerful application navigation and diagramming with multi-platform ‘where-used’ and documentation generation.

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Solution Application Analysis

Need to gain a rapid understanding of your IBM i applications?

Analyze and document them automatically with ARCAD-Observer

Use ARCAD Observer to…

Kick-start your modernization project

ARCAD Observer gives you instant insights into the architecture and business rules in your existing application.

Accelerate your application maintenance

ARCAD Observer helps DevOps teams make accurate changes faster, identifying each field and source line impacted by a code change.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Combine graphical application analysis, multi-platform impact analysis and auto-generation of technical documentation
  • Accelerate code comprehension with an easy-to-use application navigator
  • Visualize application architecture with I/O diagrams, macroscopic views, database relationship diagram, flowcharts and more
  • ‘Where-used’, calling chains, source browsing, direct checkout

  • Shorten your learning curve and improve your productivity
  • Powerful application-wide IBM i cross-referencing from within the LPEX editor in RDi
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Optimize team productivity with real-time application intelligence directly to every developer’s desktop
  • Improve accuracy of project estimates/planning (greater agility as business priority changes)
  • Boost application reliability thanks to precision of impact analysis across your entire code base
  • Accelerate onboarding and ramp-up of new developers
  • Uncover complex business rules embedded in your application logic
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We decided on ARCAD primarily because their solutions delivered exactly against IPECA’s transformational requirements in an integrated and modular way. ARCAD-Observer helps accelerate our teams’ application understanding through graphical visualization of architecture, business logic and all application dependencies down to the source line and field level

Jérémie Mestraletti

Jérémie Mestraletti

Head of research at IPECA

Accelerate the understanding of your application

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Datasheet ARCAD Observer

ARCAD Observer combines cross-platform graphical Application Analysis, along with a diagram generator and automatic generation of technical documentation in HTML format.

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Application Analysis on IBM i with ARCAD Observer

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Using ARCAD for DevOps, Git and Jenkins, Dancerace resolves ‘bimodal’ challenges to reduce the IBM i release management workload by 50%

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Using ARCAD, IPECA transforms their IBM i source code & database and moves to DevOps, reducing project cost by 82%

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