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ARCAD Transformer DB

IBM i Database Modernization

Open and standardize your DB2 for i databases whilst improving their performance. Convert DDS files to SQL automatically.

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IBM i Modernization Solution

Looking to modernize your DB2 database?

Convert your DDS files to DDL (SQL) tables and views

Use ARCAD Transformer DB to…

Convert to a modern language at zero risk

SQL language enhances maintainability of IBM i applications while boosting performance.

Future-proof and standardize your IBM i applications

ARCAD Transformer DB converts to standard SQL for easy onboarding of new development staff.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Automated transformation from DDS to SQL DDL
  • Radically improve productivity and accuracy compared with manual conversion
  • Open your application to new technologies
  • Convert by mass or unitary transformation
  • The solution compiles associated RPG programs along with data
  • Modularize your source code into a “multi-tier” application that modernizes instead of eliminating RPG components
  • Automatically check for data integrity and identify any causes of data corruption
  • Automate the renaming of fields in order to benefit from enhancements such as longer field names
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Future proofing: Reduce the dependency on specialist knowledge (SQL skills aplenty)
  • Automation brings massive productivity gains vs. manual modernization/re-write (e.g. reduction in project cost by 75%)
  • Avoid regression risk during database modernization
  • Project-oriented: Automated analysis, transformation, change control and recompilation
  • SQL as standard brings gains in application performance
  • Connectivity: Open your IBM i application to external access
  • Leverage the latest DB2 database technology advances on IBM i
  • Modernization audit report
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By converting to a modern language and tools, our IBM i application is now easy to maintain by young developers. We have been able to leverage the 20 years’ worth of functional enhancements to our application.

Hugues Clement IT Manager at Geodis

Hugues Clement

IT Manager at GEODIS

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Database modernization: Convert your DDS database to DDL (SQL), automatically.

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