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ARCAD Transformer Field

IBM i Field size expansion

Automate the mass transformation of RPG source code and database following an increase in field size or change in field type. Reduce project cost by a factor of 4 and guard against manual error.

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IBM i Modernization Solution

Increasing the size of an IBM i field or changing its type?

Transform your application source code automatically

Use ARCAD Transformer Field to…

Automate mass field transformations

ARCAD Transformer Field transforms source code in the case of an increase in field size or change of type.

Automate a database structure change

ARCAD Transformer Field transforms source code in the case of a database structure change.

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Using ARCAD to transform our application, we have been able to reduce a 450 man day development project down to only 80 days using a single developer, freeing other developers to work on value-add projects. And after transferring the application to production, we discovered only one single software defect, which were able to fix, re-test and re-deploy within minutes. ARCAD has proved a major asset for the sustainability of our institution

Jeremie MestralettiJérémie Mestraletti, Head of research at IPECA
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