ARCAD Transformer Field

Source Code Refactoring

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Increasing the size of a field or changing its type?

Transform your source code automatically!

ARCAD Transformer Field

  • Automate the mass transformation of source code in the case of a database structure change, increase in field size or change of type

  • Validate the new lines of source code proposed by ARCAD-Transformer Field, to update your application automatically

  • Manage the propagation of a change from field to field, including working fields

  • Save 70% of development effort through mass source code conversion

  • Reduce the risk of error and safeguard the reliability of your application

Tip: Use ARCAD-Verifier with ARCAD-Transformer Field to automatically detect any regression in your code

ARCAD Transformer Field enabled us to automatically change the data type of our social security numbers from numeric to alphanumeric. This reduced the duration of the project by 75%

Jérémie Mestraletti, R&D Department, IPECA
ARCAD-Transformer Field Datasheet

ARCAD Transformer Field


The ARCAD approach to mass source code transformation is the result of over twenty-five years of experience in the field of in-depth IBM i application analysis, proven in multiple Y2K and Euro conversion projects.

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