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ARCAD Transformer Synon

Synon CA 2E Converter

Future proof your legacy IBM i applications, converting Synon CA 2E 4GL code to modern ‘Free Form’ syntax. RPG Free Form is easy to understand and maintain by both experienced IBM i teams AND developers new to the platform.

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IBM i Modernization Solution

Looking to modernize your Synon source code?

Convert from Synon 4GL to RPG Free Form

Use ARCAD Transformer Synon to…

Convert to a modern language at zero risk

Modern RPG Free Form retains the competitive advantage of custom applications and the security & reliability of IBM i.

Future-proof IBM i applications

ARCAD Transformer Synon modernizes the 4GL source code of heritage IBM i applications for easy onboarding of new development staff.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Automated source code conversion from Synon to Free Form ILE RPG
  • Automated database conversion, from DDS to DDL/SQL
  • Auto-refactoring: Reduces code volume by factor of 3
  • Readability and modularity of generated code
  • Optimization of the source code (e.g. transformation of a macro-instruction into an ILE procedure)
  • Automated externalization of functions
  • Conversion within a modern DevTestOps framework
  • Parallel modernization & maintenance branches ensure no slowdown in productivity
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Free your teams from vendor lock-in
  • Resolve the Synon skill shortage in maintaining core IBM i applications
  • Onboard new talent (e.g. Java, .NET developers) into your experienced IBM i team with minimal re-training costs
  • Native RPG Free Form language retains proven architecture optimized for IBM i
  • Capitalize on the latest features of DB2 database and Power hardware
  • Reduce technical debt thanks to smaller, optimized code base
  • Guaranteed non-regression with Modernization as a Service (MaaS) thanks to automated regression test
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With ARCAD, we seized the opportunity of migrating our IBM i applications and set up a strategy which will allow us to maintain and improve our systems for the next 15 / 20 years. What I liked about the ARCAD solution is they guarantee the non-regression of the converted system

Jean Christophe Dutel Managing Director Dutel

Jean-Christophe Dutel

Managing Director, DUTEL

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ARCAD MAAS Datasheet

Unlock the business value in your Synon (CA 2E) application. Transform 4GL Synon code to modern Free Form RPG & SQL, automatically.

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GEODIS capitalizes on custom code and resolves IBM i skill shortage, modernizing applications automatically with ARCAD MaaS

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Dutel saves 30% in application maintenance, by converting CA 2E Synon to RPG Free

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