DROPS for i

Release Management for IBM i

Best-in-class release management for IBM i applications. Deploy IBM i apps and database upgrades in sync with distributed systems – on prem, hybrid and multi-cloud. Transfer high-volume data with near-zero disruption of users. Manage critical data ‘as code’ with full audit trail. For Application Release Orchestration, use DROPS with enterprise tools IBM UrbanCode and HCL Launch.

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Solution Application Release Orchestration

Need maximum automation and security in IBM i application releases?

Orchestrate continuous deployment, on premise and cloud

Use DROPS for i for…

Software and database upgrades

Optimize the continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) of both IBM i software AND data. Accelerate the feedback loop for faster time-to-value.

Application-level release view

Gain real-time visibility over the status of multiple business applications. Manage interdependencies from a single point of control.

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We are well on track to achieve our original goal of a 40% saving in deployment workload, meaning a return on investment from DROPS in under 3 years. We have already reduced the time spent in deployment by a factor of 3

Vincent Le Guern Software Architecture Manager At System UVincent Le Guern, Software Architecture Manager at System U

Optional DROPS modules add unique functionality for IBM i


Start deploying your applications!

  • New! Pay-per-Use feature (available on Windows, Linux, UNIX)

    Pay as you deploy, predictable costs that scale with your business
    No hidden fees or billing surprises, ever
  • Easy setup

  • Comprehensive & real-life scenario

  • Guided hands-on tour of key functions

  • Obligation-free

  • Support and Consultancy included

  • New! 50 deployments for free
    3750, – per 250 deployments

Discover DROPS for i

Datasheet ARCAD pack for i

ARCAD is a key differentiator for UrbanCode making the product unique on the market for automated BUILD & DEPLOYMENT of IBM i applications.

Download DROPS for i with IBM UrbanCode Datasheet
Datasheet ARCAD DevOps for IBM i

Unique solution for automated Build, Test & Deployment of IBM i applications.

Download DROPS for i with HCL Launch Datasheet
Datasheet Drops

DROPS offers a unique solution for the management and orchestration of application and systems software deployment.

Download DROPS Datasheet
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