DROPS Datachanger

Data Configuration Management

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DROPS Datachanger


ARCAD Software has developed a technology that is unique in the market to address a leading cause of software downtime: the management of changes to critical data.  Recognized by Gartner in their 2017 Magic Quadrant, ARCAD’s Data Configuration Management technology was initially developed on IBM i as ARCAD Datachanger and with DROPS Datachanger is now multi-platform.

Manage the entire change process of your critical data!

DROPS Datachanger

  • Guarantee the traceability of changes to your critical data and automate their transfer to production.

  • Automate and secure all updates to application parameter data and configuration data

  • Reduce the risk of regression in your production environments

Changing code “on the fly” is considered dangerous, whereas changing configuration data “on the fly” is a disturbingly common practice.

Philippe Magne, ARCAD Software


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