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How to modernize IBM i applications

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Achieve ‘full stack’ modernization of your IBM i application?

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Convert your source code and database to a modern language?

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Create Web services from your existing code?

Unlock the business value in your IBM i application assets

Enterprise IBM i Modernization

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ARCAD for IBM i Modernization: integrated tools for ‘full-stack’ transformation, secured by an integrated DevTestOps process

Why modernize your IBM i application?

Proven IBM i applications are a high value asset to any organization. As well as mission-critical – they contain unique business rules that underpin your competitive advantage. Instead of a costly rip-and-replace, an automated modernization project preserves your proven business logic and leverages the security, reliability and low TCO of the IBM i. Plus it makes hiring and on-boarding new talent easier.

Wherever you are on the modernization journey – ARCAD for IBM i Modernization addresses each tier in the application stack, converting tried and trusted code into a cloud-ready n-tier application and Web/mobile experience. Automated, and at zero risk.

Modernization as a Service (MaaS)

ARCAD’s turnkey Modernization as a Service (MaaS) guarantees the complete conversion of your full application stack on IBM i to modern Free Form RPG, SQL with smart Web/Mobile UIs to match your environment and needs.

Zero risk: Delegate your entire modernization project to ARCAD-certified consultants. ARCAD MaaS converts database, source code and UI within a secure DevTestOps framework, guaranteeing the non-regression of the converted application – at a fixed price.

ARCAD customers tell their IBM i modernization story

Using ARCAD, IPECA transforms
their RPGLE source code & database,
reducing project cost by 82%

GEODIS capitalizes on custom code
and resolves IBM i skill shortage,
modernizing applications automatically with ARCAD MaaS

IBM Lab services evaluated
the maintainability
of the Free Form RPG generated
from Synon CA 2E
by ARCAD Transformer Synon

ARCAD for IBM i Modernization

Discover the complete solution

Prefer a progressive
approach? Discover ARCAD’s
IBM i Modernization

There is no ‘one’ path to IBM i modernization – every ARCAD customer starts from a different place. If you prefer to start gradually and take a progressive route, ARCAD tools integrate with what you already have.

Progressive Approach IBM I





Unsure where to start on the IBM i Modernization path?

Run an Application Healthcheck on your IBM I applications, with the help of ARCAD certified partners. Gain valuable insights into the quality and complexity of your source code and database. View application ‘health’ in real-time thanks to graphical ARCAD Dashboards.

application healthcheck

IBM i Application Healthcheck service

Blog article

RPG Free Form vs. Java:
nothing compares

Legacy modernization:
10 preconceptions to urgently dispels

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