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ARCAD Metadata Repository

IBM i Application Knowledge Base

Analyze your IBM i applications automatically to derive detailed cross-reference information down to the source line and field level. ARCAD metadata powers impact analysis, “where-used”, smart dependency build, integrity checking and more. Shared by all the ARCAD modules, the metadata repository ensures compatibility across the whole ARCAD range.

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Power advanced automation across your IBM i DevOps cycle

Simple as plug and play. One single version of the truth – The ARCAD Metadata Repository is the heart of the ARCAD system, shared by all ARCAD modules.

Dependency ‘where-used’ information at your fingertips

Store cross-reference knowledge between application components (Source member, physical file, logical file, data area, program object, source line, fields and more).

Optimize your analysis, build, test and delivery phases

ARCAD metadata accelerates the DevOps cycle on IBM i. Build only impacted components, execute only impacted test cases, and ensure the integrity of your application deliveries.

Accelerate your IBM i DevOps cycle

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Our experts quickly saw the potential of the ARCAD architecture and its unique application metadata repository. They found that a continually synchronized “knowledge base” of their source, database integrations and application architecture saved time and effort, right across the development cycle.

Nina ZahediNina Zahedi Meier, Team Leader NICE Core Insurance Application Development
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