How to release applications, anywhere?

Your challenge – How to…

Release Orchestrate Picto

Orchestrate software releases, across ALL target platforms, all from one single pane of glass?

Multi-cloud Environments Picto

Create on-demand Hybrid or Multi-cloud environments and deploy them in-sync within seconds?

Secure Availability Picto

Secure the availability of your entire application stack?

Deploy, synchronize and track applications in today’s multi-platform, multi-cloud environments


Enterprise-grade Release Management

Using DROPS, application inter-dependencies are managed automatically, allowing development and operations teams to increase deployment frequency and respond smoothly to the demands of the business:

– Release applications AND data updates automatically in sync
– Pilot releases cross-platform – Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBM I – and across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, from one single interface
– Guarantee application reliability in production with automated rollback on error

schema platform cloud
Whichever your technology stack
– DROPS integrates with what you already have –
logos technology stack

Templatization features and Environments on Demand

Using DROPS best-in-class provisioning features, create on-demand Hybrid Multi-cloud environments comprising diverse platforms and technologies and deploy them in-sync within seconds, all as part of an automated CI/CD workflow.

schema drops architecture

Explore how DROPS can help you reduce risk and ensure compliance…

DROPS complements your existing release automation tools

Enhance your deployment toolstack with DROPS unique capabilities

Extend automation across all in-house software releases, vendor packages, database upgrades and even settings and configuration data updates.

Are mission-critical IBM i applications
YOUR specific challenge?

DROPS adds advanced support specifically for IBM i (aka iSeries, AS/400)


Automate advanced Build, Test, Deploy and Rollback processes on IBM I (aka iSeries, AS/400)

ARCAD Pack for i – ARCAD for DevOps, DROPS & IBM UrbanCode Deploy

ARCAD for HCL – ARCAD for DevOps, DROPS & HCL Launch

System U cuts application deployment costs by 40% using DROPS on IBM i and Linux

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