The twenty-first century is well underway and automation has radically changed nearly every industry across the planet. And this is just as true in the world of DevOps where automation is no longer just another handy tool, but is often the key to whether a business survives or thrives. From the initial analysis phase to deployment, ARCAD has developed a comprehensive tool to automate your CI/CD pipeline and integrate seamlessly with your current enterprise tools to ensure your IBM i application stays healthy and competitive.

ARCAD Builder allows you to build a 100% automation compilation and recompilation process of your IBM i components. Manual changes to source code are resource heavy when it comes to valuable developers and in any case are highly error prone. Automation greatly reduces project timescales as well reduces risk of regression and ensures your application’s continued reliability. Elimination of the manual process also has the benefit of preserving rights, properties, and attributes, and in the case of database updates, preserves all data.

Given the complexity of code compilation of components–which has been made even more so by the ubiquity of Integrated Language Environments and widespread use of SQL–full automation may seem impossible. ARCAD Builder, however, operates on two key functions: a pre-compiler for attributes and specific commands, to be run before and after the build, and 2) a single compilation command that can be executed for all types of components.

Modification of pre- and post- compilation commands has never been easier, as ARCAD Builder lets developers change commands directly in the source code. By understanding the dependency structure in your application, ARCAD appropriately sequences dependencies in the compilation process. Likewise, referential constraints in SQL tables often bind field data, meaning their compilation order is restricted. ARCAD Builder also, however, automates the sequencing process for SQL updates. A great deal of compilation work is highly repetitive, and elimination of that repetitive effort is where ARCAD Builder can make serious productivity gains for your team.

You can further improve on your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) goals with ARCAD Builder, as the tool understands which components are affected by code changes and only recompiles those items, thereby optimizing the build. ARCAD Builder ensures nothing changes between the source code and creation of the recompiled object, and prevents the possibility of corruption during the deployment process.

ARCAD Builder also integrates with your favorite enterprise tools, such as Jenkins, GitHub CI, or Azure Pipelines. The result is a robust, fully automated pipeline that can be easily utilized by seasoned IBM i developers and newer developers alike.

Implementing a DevOps strategy on IBM i? Influencing IBM i DevOps maturity and success in the enterprise?

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