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ARCAD CodeChecker

Code Quality & Security for IBM i

Automate the detection of quality flaws and security vulnerabilities in IBM i source code. Code quality and security checks become a continuous part of the DevOps cycle.

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Code Quality Check Solution

Continuous Quality & Security checking for your source code

Automate the IBM i code review process with ARCAD CodeChecker

Use ARCAD CodeChecker to…

Guard against technical debt on IBM i

ARCAD CodeChecker checks application source code for quality flaws respecting industry and local standards.

Detect security vulnerabilities in code

DevSecOps: ARCAD CodeChecker prevents security holes in source code, detecting flaws while you code.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Secure your RPG Development process with automatic creation and enforcement of Code Quality Guidelines
  • Eliminate Code Review bottleneck
  • DevSecOps: Detect security vulnerabilities at their source ‘(SQL injection, vulnerable APIs, dynamic SQL,..)
  • Eliminate Peer review effort for Coding standards with 100+ Rules
  • Standalone solution that can be used with any DevOps tools on IBM i
  • Integrates with RDi and CI/orchestration solutions such as Jenkins
  • Integrates with SonarQube for metrics dashboarding
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Create, maintain and enforce Quality Guidelines
  • Metrics-driven: Demonstrate continuous improvement in coding standards
  • Police the use of ‘dangerous’ sections in your application code
  • Measure and Report on your RPG code bases using optimized Code Quality Metrics
  • Eliminate the risk of Security vulnerabilities in code
  • Audit code and monitor quality continuously
  • Prevent the spiraling maintenance cost of technical debt
  • Ease the onboarding of new talent: developers learn coding standards as they work

Maintain a consistent level of quality across your IBM i code base

Verification of source code quality

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Datasheet ARCAD CodeChecker

ARCAD CodeChecker automates the task of analyzing code quality, identifying complexity hotspots in your code, to improve maintainability and reduce the risk of error.

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