ARCAD Transformer RPG

ARCAD Transformer RPGaka ARCAD RPG Converter for IBM i

Convert from RPGLE to Free Format RPG, automatically!

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  • Automates the conversion of any RPG IV source code into RPG Free Format

  • Near 100% conversion accuracy

  • Full conversion of C, H, F, D, P specifications

  • Converts GOTO statements

  • Supports both mass and unitary conversion

  • Obtain an optimal number of conversions, based on the size of your application suite

Before ARCAD-Transformer RPG, I could spent half a day trying to find out how to make an change in RPG, which was very frustrating.  My productivity has since increased by at least 50%. I use ARCAD-Transformer RPG not only for conversion, but also as a learning tool
Kody Robinson, Developer & IBM Champion, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp
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ARCAD Transformer RPG


Pass your RPG code to the new generation. Convert your RPGLE to Free Format RPG!

Success Story Arkansas

Arkansas Electric

Success Story

Arkansas Electric increases its productivity by 50% using ARCAD Transformer RPG.

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