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ARCAD Transformer RPG

Free Form RPG Converter

Future proof your legacy IBM i applications, converting legacy RPG code to modern ‘Free Form’ syntax. RPG Free Form is easy to understand and maintain by both experienced IBM i teams AND developers new to the platform.

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IBM i Modernization Solution

Looking to modernize your IBM i application source code?

Convert from RPGLE to RPG Free Form

Use ARCAD Transformer RPG to

Convert to a modern language at zero risk

Modern RPG Free Form retains the competitive advantage of custom applications and the security & reliability of IBM i.

Leverage IBM i applications for generations to come

ARCAD Transformer RPG modernizes heritage IBM i applications for easy onboarding of new development staff.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Automated ‘single-click’ conversion from RPGLE to modern RPG Free Format
  • Near 100% conversion accuracy
    Converts any RPG IV variant
  • Full conversion of C, H, F, D, P specifications
  • Converts GOTO statements
  • Supports both mass and unitary conversion
  • Obtain an optimal number of conversions, based on the size of your application suite
  • Developed in collaboration with RPG compiler team at IBM
  • Integrated with RDi
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Leverage the value of a proven, custom application and your investment in IBM i
  • Onboard new talent (e.g. Java, .NET developers) into your experienced IBM i team with minimal re-training costs
  • Native RPG Free Form language retains proven architecture optimized for IBM i
  • 100% automation brings massive productivity gains over a manual re-write and eliminates risk of regression
  • Capitalize on the latest features of DB2 database and Power hardware
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Before ARCAD- Transformer RPG, I would spend half my day trying to figure out how to do something in Free Format which was frustrating. I have found that my productivity has increased by at least 50 percent

Kody Robinson Senior Analyst wmi at Manhattan Associates

Kody Robinson

Senior Analyst, WMi at Manhattan Associates

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For best results (complete conversion of C, H, F, D, P specs), a minimum of IBM i V7R1 with TR7 is required.  If you don’t yet have TR7, only C specifications with be converted.

To obtain a permanent license, contact your local ARCAD sales team

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Mock-up ARCAD Transformer DB

ARCAD Transformer RPG

Prepare your RPG code for the new generation – convert legacy RPGLE to RPG Free, automatically.

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ARCAD Transformer RPG

Why does RPG need to change?

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Value of RPG Free Form

Kody Robinson, Software Developer at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. – Challenges of a young developer joining an experienced IBM i development team, and value of RPG Free Form.

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Our customers tell their story

Arkansas Electric increases its productivity by 50% using ARCAD Transformer RPG.

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Using ARCAD for DevOps, Git and Jenkins, Dancerace resolves ‘bimodal’ challenges to reduce the IBM i release management workload by 50%

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[Video] Kody Robinson, Software Developer at AECC: experience of a young developer on IBM i

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