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DROPS DataChanger

Critical Data Management for IBM i

Manage your settings and configuration data ‘as code’. Fix the DevOps ‘missing link’: DROPS DataChanger automates version control for critical data, deploying data values and software in sync.

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Need to keep IBM i critical data under version control?

Track changes to your parameters or configuration data and deploy in sync with your application

Use DROPS DataChanger to…

Manage critical data ‘as code’

Version control for parameter or configuration data. Keep an audit trail on data updates.

Safeguard application reliability

Automate the versioning and deployment of critical data to prevent costly incidents in production.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Parameter data values kept under version control as for source code
  • Traceability of changes to critical data values

  • Automated deployment to production of latest version of critical data

  • Data deployed in sync with dependent application components

  • Auto-discovery of parameter values during normal application operation

Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Resolve the ‘missing link’ in the Devops chain: the secure management of critical data
  • Deploy critical data values ‘in sync’ with code, saving time and effort

  • Reduce risk of incidents in production through automated updates of critical data

  • Compliance: Versioning and Audit trail of changes made to critical data

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Our team automates new parameter data updates using DROPS Datachanger. Before DROPS Datachanger was set up, updating the test environment was complicated and error-prone and sometimes parameter data was lost. Each environment update took several days with many manual steps. DROPS Datachanger has greatly enhanced and automated this process

Bruno Parriaud Operations Manager at BCPE

Bruno Parriaud

Operations Manager at BPCE

Protect your production environment from risk and expensive downtime

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DROPS Datachanger Datasheet

ARCAD Software has developed a technology that is unique in the market to address a leading cause of software downtime: the management of changes to critical data.

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Banque Palatine reduces downtime risk and eliminates “Out-of-Hours” working, orchestrating Application Deployment across IBM i, AIX and z/OS with ARCAD’s DROPS.

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