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Take a look through our expert articles around IBM i Modernization

RPG Coding to a Standard

The latest RPG is a modern language and ARCAD has made the effort to aid the modern RPG shop by implementing best practices in CodeChecker.

IBM i: the challenge of generational transition

IBM i was born over thirty years ago and has seen many innovations that have kept the platform ahead of the field. With looming staffing changes comes the inherent challenge of closing the knowledge gap and keeping the legacy of IBM i alive and well...

Field Size Expansion to Automatically Transform Your IBM i Source Code

As databases begin to age, so does their source code, and their purpose may also change. Refitting a database to meet the current needs of business often requires modification to the database at the field level, which can have all kinds of undesirable consequences if it is not executed with the greatest of care.

Managing IBM i: CIO challenge or opportunity?

A constant challenge for a Chief Information Officer in a transactional, data-heavy industry is leveraging the legacy of their IBM i platform to adapt to current needs, essentially using it to its fullest potential. Keeping that potential tapped translates into a flexible and agile platform, driving growth for your business, an important aspect to keep in mind when approaching the demands of IT.

3 steps to modernize your IBM i

First let’s answer the question: why modernize your IBM i applications anyway? Well, many IBM i modernization projects don’t start until after a major production failure, so getting out ahead of problems saves you time, pain and resources. Secondly, many IBM i specific skills like RPG or 4GL development are becoming more and more scarce, meaning time could be running out.

Lunch & Learn 2021 – Optimize your IBM i applications for growth

IBM and ARCAD Software invite you to an Lunch & Learn series to explore the latest techniques in DevSecOps and Modernization on IBM i.  Gain valuable education from expert IBM i practitioners to leverage your application assets, tune your DevOps processes and grow your customer base.

“Legacy” will never die!

Modernization vs. Migration : Discover how Legacy systems can provide oustanding competitive advantage, reduce operational risk and keep your business up and running smoothly and securely!

5 keys to IBM i Modernization Success

Whatever the driving reason for a modernization project on a so-called "legacy" system like IBM i, it is important to identify the key points that will help secure the success of the project.

RPG Free Form: Why is it so important for you?

The biggest concern that IBM i companies are struggling with is finding good RPG resources. For sure, if you look at things from only that angle, you have every chance of being very, very disappointed. The average age is above 50 and you can roughly get only one developer for the cost of two, not very exciting.

Evolution, not revolution

Back from a trip in different countries in Asia, I’ve clearly seen that the situation in the IBM i market is rather different from Europe and North America – apart from Japan of course, which definitely resembles these two large areas.

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