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ARCAD for IBM i Modernization

‘Full stack’ modernization for IBM i

Transform your IBM i applications from A to Z, across database, source code and UI. Adopt a full transformation with Modernization as a Service – or take a step-by-step approach with ARCAD transformation tools. Guarantee the non-regression of your modernized application with ARCAD’s secure DevTestOps process.

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IBM i Modernization Solution

Capitalize on the value in your IBM i application assets

Retain your competitive edge

Use ARCAD for IBM i Modernization to…

Future-proof IBM i applications

Render IBM i applications understandable by a new generation of developers.  Convert to modern languages and expose core business logic as Web services.

Eliminate technical debt

Refactoring an IBM i application makes it more flexible and easy to maintain. Restructure proven IBM i code to communicate with external apps and devices.

Secure your IBM i application modernization with ARCAD’s 3-step approach

Using DevSecOps and Test Automation techniques to secure the modernization process, ARCAD solutions reduce the risk of error and ensure the quality of the delivered application.  Achieve your IBM i application modernization in 3 phases: Analyze, Structure and Transform.

Picto Modernization number 1

Application Analysis

your existing

Picto Modernization number 2

& Test Automation

your development

Picto Modernization number 3


Modernize your
Database, Source Code
& User Interface

Adopt a step-by-step conversion with ARCAD Transformer tools

Specialized ARCAD Transformer modules address specific IBM i modernization challenges.

Schema IBM i Modernization Challenge

Apply one or more Transformer modules to meet your specific needs.

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • No ‘one size fits all’ – start modernization at ANY layer in the application
  • Eliminate the tedious error-prone task of manual conversion

  • Modular modernization tools address specific conversion needs (Columnar RPG to Free Form, DDS to SQL, mass field size or Unicode change)
  • Develop in parallel on your modernization and ongoing maintenance branches
  • Extend field size or change field type, globally across your entire application
  • Secure DevTestOps framework catches any regressions early
  • Improve the flexibility of your IBM i code ready for to modern web and cloud architectures

Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Advanced automation reduces modernization project duration by 70% on average
  • Open and secure your legacy database while boosting performance
  • Easy onboarding of a new generation of developers to maintain modern code
  • Satisfy end-user expectations with a modern Web/mobile UI
  • Expose logic as Web services and render application architecture more flexible
  • Implement new business requirements faster
  • Open integration with external applications and devices
  • Accelerate and enable the shift to the Cloud

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We are extremely satisfied with the results. By converting to RPG Free and SQL, we have resolved the resource shortage – which will translate to less cost and risk in the years to come. We have been able to leverage the 20 years’ worth of functional enhancements to our application and our customers have already perceived benefits in ease-of-use and enhanced performance.

Hugues Clement IT Manager at Geodis

Hugues Clement

IT Manager at GEODIS

Looking for a turnkey project? Delegate your modernization with ARCAD Modernization as a Service (MaaS)

ARCAD professional services, as well as our specialized partners, offer Modernization as a Service (MaaS) for guaranteed results at lower cost and zero risk.

End-to-end DevOps and Modernization

Learn more about ARCAD MAAS

ARCAD MAAS Datasheet

Unlock the business value in your Synon (CA 2E) application. Transform 4GL Synon code to modern Free Form RPG & SQL, automatically.

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