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IBM i Unit Test automation

Automate the creation and execution of unit test cases for any IBM i module, program or service program. Generate a complete unit test from RDi in just a few clicks.

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Solution Unit Test Automation

Your IBM i unit testing is tedious or incomplete?

Make unit testing a continuous part of your DevOps cycle

Use ARCAD iUnit to…

Create reusable test assets

Generate ARCAD iUnit test cases and execute them automatically after each code change.

‘Shift defects left’

Isolate defects early during the coding phase, when they cost the least

Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Best-in-class automation in the creation, execution and management of unit tests on IBM i
  • Unit test individual application components continuously, within your overall CI/CD process
  • Inbuilt parser scans entry parameters & program variables, for rapid test case creation
  • Mock capability: create ‘mocks’ for program, database and procedure call dependencies
  • Debug view: get or set the values of intermediate variables at specified statements
  • Integrates with enterprise tooling such as Git, Jenkins, Junit and Azure DevOps so that multi-technology teams can manage front-end and backend components from a single CI/CT/CD pipeline
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Safeguard application quality while Improving testing productivity & reducing testing costs
  • ‘Shift Left’: Detect defects as early as possible in the software lifecycle
  • Accelerate debugging process and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Test Driven Development: Create unit tests in seconds and re-use them for each code change
  • Manage unit testing of even ‘monolithic’ IBM i programs
  • Test your application at ‘microservices’ level
  • Prevent risk of ‘defect propagation’ (fixing one defect creates another)
  • Eliminate wastage of testing interdependencies with ‘Mocking’ feature

Try ARCAD iUnit!

Start automating your unit testing!

  • All-in-one 30-day trial version

    Free, ready-to-use, fully-functional
  • Create your ARCAD iUnit repository

    Setup source, object libraries and launch the repository build
  • Create test cases

    Select service programs, modules, programs, stored procedures, UDFs
  • Advanced concepts

    DB/program/procedure mocking, intermediate variable tracing, Freestyle test cases
  • Run test cases from plugin/JUnit/Jenkins

    Plugin execution stores state on IBM i, Jenkins/JUnit stores in local project workspaces
  • Immerse yourself and take a tour of ARCAD iUnit

Create unit tests automatically from IBM i source code in just a few clicks

Learn more about ARCAD iUnit

Datasheet ARCAD iUnit

More than 90% of software development cost is spent on maintenant of existing systems. Discover how ARCAD iUnit detects defects as early as possible in the cycle.

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ARCAD iUnit – a developer’s view

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ARCAD iUnit – a manager’s view

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