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DevOps for IBM i
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Application Release Orchestration
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Deploy your multi-platform applications rapidly and securely with DROPS!
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Enterprise DevOps White Paper

Enterprise DevOps

Debunk competing DevOps concepts, terminologies and myths in order to help make the path forward clearer and more practical.
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DROPS - Application Release Automation Solution Datasheet


Application Release Orchestration for software & data, multi-technology and multi-cloud – across IBM i, Windows, UNIX and Linux.
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DROPS Datachanger Datasheet

DROPS Datachanger

Download this Datasheet to learn more about DROPS Datachanger
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DOT Verifier

Automate your non-regression testing processes! This document shows you how and outlines the benefits of integrating DOT Verifier into your testing strategy.
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Customer Case Study BPCE

Banque Palatine reduces downtime risk and eliminates “Out-of-Hours” working, orchestrating Application Deplo[...]

Banque Palatine reduces downtime risk and eliminates "Out-of-Hours" working, orchestrating Application Deployment across IBM i, AIX and z/OS
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System U Customer Success Story

System U cuts application deployment costs by 40% using DROPS on IBM i and Linux

System U rely on several core IBM i applications written in-house in RPG, plus multiple Web and client/server applications written in Java on Linux and ORACLE.
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Success Story ARCAD deliver Cheque Dejeuner GROUP

The CHEQUE DEJEUNER GROUP can now deploy its multi-platform Adelia applications with confidence, thanks to ARCAD-Deliver

The Cheque Dejeuner Group uses ARCAD-Deliver to orchestrate deployment and rollback of both the native and client-server/Web parts of its Adelia applications.
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Arcad Brochure

ARCAD Brochure

Find the perfect fit for your organization! ARCAD comes in packs, solutions and modules…
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