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ARCAD for DevOps

DevSecOps for IBM i

ARCAD for DevOps integrates enterprise tools such as Git, Jenkins, and Jira with ARCAD’s own best-in-class IBM i technology layer to automate a complete end-to-end CI/CT/CD cycle for IBM i.

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DevOps Solution

Need to automate a continuous CI/CT/CD cycle on IBM i?

Share an enterprise DevSecOps pipeline across IBM i and distributed systems

Use ARCAD for DevOps to…

Secure faster value delivery

Deliver new features to end-users faster with automation at every phase in the DevSecOps cycle: analysis, quality, security, build, test, deploy and rollback.

Eliminate DevOps complexity

Fully integrated DevSecOps tools out-of-the-box for IBM i means you can start small and add functionality as and when you need it.

Deliver on your DevOps objectives with end-to-end workflow
automation powered by open source


ARCAD for DevOps “Classic”: core IBM i CI/CD modules

Add ‘Shift Defects left’ with automated testing and quality check

Add deep Git and open source integration

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Drive value across your teams
AND your business

Power Development Teams

Power Your Development Teams

  • Best-in-class automation in analysis, code quality, security, build, test, deploy and rollback on error
  • Modular & integrated solution – powered by the ARCAD “cross-reference” metadata repository
  • Out-of-the-box Git integration eliminates toolchain complexity
  • Fully customizable feature branching to support any workflow and concurrent development
  • “Shift Left” effect: continuous quality & security checks, unit & functional regression test catch defects at the earliest point
  • Enterprise CI/CT/CD pipeline: Seamless integration with enterprise tools Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira, Jenkins, CloudBees CI, Azure DevOps, Selenium, SonarQube, ServiceNow…

  • Supports both 5250-style development and RDi
Business Value

Deliver business value

  • Achieve one single DevSecOps pipeline across IBM i and open source

  • Collaboration & Governance across your Development, Testing and Operations ecosystem
  • DevSecOps automation: minimize risk across the development process
  • Agile process: react faster to continuously changing business requirements
  • Reduced cost of defects and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Productivity gains: deliver higher quality code 3 x faster on average
  • Eliminate compliance overhead (audit trail of every code change)
  • High application resiliency with automated rollback on error
  • Management Dashboard reporting helps identify bottlenecks and optimize the DevOps flow
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ARCAD is the only integrated all-in-one DevOps solution for IBM i with the deep Git and Jira integration that was so strategic for us. We needed to standardize our processes across our IBM i and Web teams and keep them in sync. Only ARCAD was able to cover a complete end-to-end standardized DevOps process on IBM i.

Simone Culp bwi

Simone Culp

Snr. Software Engineer and Data Analyst at BWI Companies

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Datasheet ARCAD for DevOps

Download this datasheet to learn how ARCAD for DevOps helps IT managers to control costs and accelerate software delivery in mixed technology environments.

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Watch the video
Watch the video

Our customers tell their story

Major Canadian financial institution accelerates their time-to-market on IBM i, delivering higher-quality features 3 times faster using ARCAD for DevOps and Git

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[Video] Customer Case Study: Optimizing IBM i / RPG development processes at HSBC

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Using ARCAD for DevOps, Git and Jenkins, Dancerace resolves ‘bimodal’ challenges to reduce the IBM i release management workload by 50%

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